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Freedom from Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure

My husband and I have been on the Halleluyah Diet since February 2004 and it has been wonderful living 365 days sickness free year after year simply by faith in God through a change in diet and lifestyle.

I suffered from high blood pressure since 1989 and doctors said there was no cure and that I have to be on drugs all my life to avoid premature death but today I am off all drugs while enjoying the Hallelujah diet.

My husband also was sick of Heart Disease for almost two years and was giving up the ghost but for God with the help of Hallelujah diet; he is now perfectly healed and off all his drugs. Glory be to God. Back to garden is God’s ultimate plan for man.

S.O and O.C – Zamfara State

Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Healed - PAT OJEMENI

I am Pat Ojemeni RN,RM, RNT. I am one of the millions who have benefited from what God is doing through the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle.

In 2001, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. The diabetes was complicated with Varicose Veins of the lower extremities, including Hemorrhoids. I also suffered with irritability and a short temper while my eyesight was getting dimmer by the day. I had thrush right from my tongue to my vulva. As a nurse, I knew I was in serious trouble.

Thank God on December 1st 2004, the founder of this initiative introduced me to ‘The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle’. It is hard to believe but after only three days on ‘The Hallelujah diet’ my blood sugar had stabilize between 95 and 110, even after meals. Within three months of making the diet change, I had lost 22kg (50 pounds). Life became better as health minister Eric Bowtell in the UK worked with me to regain my health ‘The Hallelujah Way’.

‘Now everyone says I look like a 16 year old and I feel so much younger. Now my diabetes is gone and all my other symptoms and their complications have disappeared.

Simply A Miracle - Dr P.S Usman

I came down with a severe situation of prostate enlargement in May 2005 wherein I found it difficult and painful to urinate. I went for medical attention where I was given relief through cauterization and subsequently advised to consider an operation to remove the prostate gland.

In the process of considering the operation, I met the founder of this initiative who advised me to change my diet completely and adopt the Hallelujah Diet. This called for removal of all animal protein from my diet, drastic reduction in the consumption of cooked and processed food and removal of maggi and every food additive, table salt, sugar, caffeinated and soft drinks. She recommended lots of fruits, vegetable juices, salad, 1014 glass cups of water daily and daily exercises. I also go the supplements from Hallelujah Acres such as Fibre cleanse and Barley Max that I take every day.

Surprisingly I almost immediately began to notice some positive changes. My bowel movement improved significantly. I did not have to exert much energy to eliminate waste. A little at a time, I got my health back. It is worthy to note that since December 2005, I have not experience a headache nor taken any tablet for any ailment. Even the common cold I ususally had is now diminished considerably both in frequency and severity. My constipations too had all gone. I give God all the praise for bringing me across the Hallelujah Diet. I consider it to be the best diet to adopt to maximize sound health.


In 1986, I was diagnosed for Pneumonia and since then I was going from one hospital to another in Niger state. I used many antibiotics to no avail. I could not eat or drink anything cold neither could I use fan nor air conditioning no matter the hotness of the weather. Daily, I was coughing and producing much sputum. In 2007, I had to abandon my job because I was deteriorating in my health and stayed at home.

On the 1st of February 2009, I met with the founder of this organization who advised me on how to change my eating habits and lifestyle. I obeyed everything she told me religiously and was very committed to it. In about 6 weeks, I was totally free from the 23 year old health problem. Now I can sleep under fan, bath with cold water at will, I have neither had fever nor malaria again. Bye bye to pneumonia and all its supporters. I am free and very grateful to God.