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The Living Foods Institute

The Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia is a Healing and Educational Center devoted to helping people heal from any disease, no matter how serious. We have Programs to help slow and reverse aging, restore and optimize great health with positive mental thinking, emotional healing, stress management, cleansing and detoxification and the optimum Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods Nutrition for specific needs. This is not a one size fits all which is why we work with each and every person to develop and individualized a Program that will help them the most.

We believe in holistic healing of the body, mind and spirit and in using the best nutrition available including an Organic, Vegan Diet of enzyme-rich Raw and Living Foods.  We teach how and why Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods help a person achieve optimum health and slow aging. We provide hands-on recipe instruction in our Living Foods Kitchen, where participants learn how to prepare a multitude of delicious and nutritious Raw and Living Food recipes with ease.

Our Programs are designed to empower people to practice good lifestyle habits while they are attending one of our Programs and also when they return home, when they travel, attend parties and dine out. We help people to live healthy and disease free throughout life. Time and again participants tell us that our Programs are the most powerful they have ever attended.

We have Programs to help in the healing of all types of diseases including early to late stage Cancers of all types, even those which have metastasized to other organs, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Lou Gehrig Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Depression, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Lyme Disease, Heavy Metal Poisoning, Allergies, Sinusitis, Macular Degeneration, Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Psoriasis, Eczema, Skin Rashes, Eyesight, Mold, Fungus, Candidiasis, Back Injuries, Obesity and more. If you have questions about a particular disease, illness or injury and are wondering if we have a program to help you please call us so we can discuss your particular issue.  

Some people come to Living Foods Institute because they are seriously ill and they are ready to heal and stay healthy.  Others come who have some health or weight issues that do not seem to be life-threatening, but none the less, they realize the importance of their learning what to do to create perfect health and completely heal. Many people come who are not sick but are very intrigued with the power of Organic Raw and Living Foods.  They want to learn more, to become empowered to help themselves and their families, to prevent health issues in the future, to reverse and slow aging, and become more energetic and full of vitality. Then there are those who come to study with us to become Certified Educators so they may establish a business helping others while they are helping themselves and their personal friends and families.  All of our students come for their own personal reasons. Everyone who attends raves about our Programs and how powerful the experience has been for them.

So, whatever the reason you would like to attend, it is our pleasure and privilege to help you.  It could be because you are ready to become empowered to heal a disease, prevent future diseases, live healthy and disease-free for the rest of your life, slow and reverse aging, or create youth and beauty from the inside out. Whatever your reason we welcome you to join us for one of our amazing Programs.


Trinity School of Natural Health

Trinity School of Natural Health is a non-profit, nondenominational, Christian educational institution. We offer professional programs in Natural Health and Christian Ministry.

Our courses focus on the integration of the mind, body and spirit so that our students can create a lifestyle harmonious with the Creator and His divine plan. Our educational programs offer degrees in such nontraditional designations as Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.), Master Herbalist (M.H.), Master Iridologist (M.I.), Certificate of Nutritional Counseling (C.N.C.), Certified Health Specialist (C.H.S.) and Associate Degree in Biblical Studies (A.B.S.).


Certified Body Of Natural Health Practitioners

The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, founded in 1988,

for the purpose of educating and certifying individuals who wish to counsel others in various natural health techniques.


Hallelujah Acres, Shelby, North Carolina

Hallelujah Acres is a non-denominational Christian ministry that provides education, products, services and other resources to help people everywhere understand and practice God's ways to ultimate health
 It was founded in 1992 by Rev George Malkmus.