Health Club | Health Club Testimonies

Testimony 1 - Mrs Olushola

I am, Mrs. Olushola Oladayiye,  proprietress, Heritage schools, Bida, Niger state .
About 5years ago I joined the Gilgal Health Club. What interested me most was, “You don’t have to be sick”.  I had suffered malaria before this time that I take drugs almost every  month but since I joined the club and learnt how to take care of my body, no more  parasitamol, no sickness.

Testimony 2 - Mrs Gana

Josephine Gana is my name, a teacher in Government Secondary School. Minna Niger state. I give God all the glory for bringing Gilgal Club to minna, I joined Gilgal club in 2010 and since then I learnt a lot of health tips.  I learnt what improper diet is, that brings sickness and diseases and also proper diet that leads to good health.

I was overweight and had different health challenges but to God be the glory, as I came in contact with Gilgal Club I realized I could live healthy life. I can now carry my body, no more as  I used to be. The sugal level is now low. I can now advice individuals on how to live healthy. May the Lord God increase our sister and give her more wisdom. May God enlarge her coast.

Testimony 3 - Prof Abolarin

I am by name, Professor M.S. Abolarin, a lecturer with the Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna.
I joined the Gilgal Health Club in 2009. Since then, my health condition has greatly improved as a result of the secrets of enjoying sound health revealed to us during the various lectures received monthly at Gilgal Health Club.

I have this to say, that you don’t have to be sick if you can overcome ignorance about what is expected of you concerning your health. Many people are actually ignorantly destroying themselves through what they eat!

Testimony 4 - Mrs Soje

    I am Christianah Soje, Minna.  I thank God for transforming my life through Gilgal Health Club. I never belief that I can live without taking drugs. 

Before my encounter with Gilgal Health Club, I was faced with health challenges such as Ulcer, constipation, irritation, constant fever even fear. Bad eating habit can cause fear and anxiety and bad eye sight which had been with me for years.

All my ailments are now gone, I also notice tremendous improvement on my sight  through the health teaching I received and still receiving from Gilgal Health Club. I then realized that I don’t have to be sick if I eat healthy food.

Testimony 6 - Dien

I am Augusta Dien, I am 63 years old and suffered from  HPB.  Through my daughter I knew about and attended Gilgal Health Club Bida. For 2 years now, everything is normal.

Testimony 7 - Mrs Onoha

I am Mrs. Onoha from Bida. Hallelujah!!!  Now, I am free from ulcer and I feel more healthy since I joined Gilgal health Club.

Testimony 8 - Mrs Ekpo

I am Mrs. Ekpo Grace, a business woman in Bida. I have been tagged to have fragile health not knowing it is in my hand. After my contact with Gilgal Health Club and  introduced to the Hallelujah Diet, it is  4 years now,  no more fragile health, no more sickness

Testimony 9 - Clement Photos

    I’m commonly called Clement Photos in Bida. After attending Gilgal Health Club at Bida, I have been Free from constipation which used to be my usual health challenge 24/7.