If possible I want to ask everyone reading this article to answer this pernitent question. even then, I can tell you what 80%-90% of their answers might be:

1. I praying about my health

2. I practice my religion devotedly

3. I visit the doctors regularly

What else do you do about this important issue? Remember you live only once!

Let us turn to farmers and try to twist the question a little.

“Farmer, raining days are here, what do you do to have bumper harvest this year?” If his answer is “I am praying about it, I even fast and pray sometimes about it”. What do you call such a farmer? ‘Foolish, ignorant, lazy, fanatic etc’. Why? Why does this farmer deserve such abuses and someone who only pray about her health is excused? Definitely, prayer is number one, but it doesn’t finish there. That is why Nehemiah did more than praying in building the wall of Jerusalem

Dear reader, health is not automatic. It does not come just because you pray or wish it. It is what you sow that you can reap. We have gradually become the product of our health choices

The capability of long life for human beings as enjoyed by the earliest generation of human race have been recorded in historic literatures. They lived at the average age of 912yrs old. Even after the flood, men still lived into their hundreds because the secret of long life was not lost at once; it was gradual until a man who died at 120yrs was considered lucky to have long life. Presently, the lifespan of average Nigerian is about 50yrs. Have you ever heard someone made this comments when someone died at 60yrs, “she tried o”!

Yet, it is in your hand, whether you die young or old, whether you are healthy or sickly and feeble, you are responsible. It is what you planted.


  1. You ignorantly planted cholesterol through consumption of animal protein and reap HBP, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and other associated illnesses.
  2. You ignorantly planted inactivity into your pancreas by consuming processed sugar; white flour products etc and reap diabetes.
  3. You ignorantly replaced water with minerals (soft drink so-called) and reap dehydration, kidney problems et al.
  4. You ignorantly threw out natural food sweetener and replaced with MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) products and reap cancers, liver problems etc
  5. You ignorantly avoided water and reap constipation, colon cancer, diverticulitis  and other colon problems.
  6. You ignorantly eat late supper, sleep late and reap sluggish body and overworked  digestive systems
  7. You ignorantly lived a sedentary lifestyle and reap arthritis, overweight and obese with all their associated problems.
  8. You ignorantly fed your husband with high-salt food with salt shaker on the table and reap pregnant husband with big tummy and snoring nights.

It is all your faults; stop accusing the witches, wizards and their master, the devil, giving them the glory they don’t deserve. They only climbed on the ladder you made for them.

 If you pay the price for health in addition to your prayers and wish list, you are heading towards living healthy and long.


Your beliefs make little or no difference from those who don’t have any, as statistics shows that both the religious and those who aren’t face debilitating health challenges; and the solutions being proffered have only fallen short of everyone’s ultimate expectation of health. My dear reader, this thing ought not so to be if you will pay the price of learning, dedication, self-control and determination. You will need to take responsibility for your own health choices and stick to them, blocking out whatever stops you from achieving your desired outcome.

  1. Cut down very seriously on animal products
  2. Avoid sugar and all it contains like plague
  3. Say bye-bye to white flour products, chemically produced and chemically preserved food
  4. Refuse the gift of soft drinks and ask for water instead. Deliberately drink at least 3liters of water every day
  5. Give the milk to the offspring of the animal that produced it and give human milk to human babies. Adults don’t need any of them
  6. Allow chicken to hatch their chicks and throw out chemically produced eggs; they increase your cholesterol and other heart problems.
  7. Be careful how you salt food with table salt. It is highly chemicalized.
  8. Leave the morning time (before 12noon) for the natural cleansing of the body as you consume only raw fruits and natural, homemade juices.
  9. Leave 5 – 6 hours in-between meals for complete digestion.
  10. Resist the temptation to eat supper after 7pm.
  11. Exercise your body daily, at least for 30  straight and deliberate minutes- swing your arms, jump, jog, run and skip to take in extra oxygen into your lungs
  12. 30mins of early morning sunshine will do you good to supply the daily amount of Vit. D you need to survive
  13. Go to toilet at least twice every day. Anything less than that harbors unnamed diseases.
  14. Go to bed as early as 10pm, put off your light and sleep
  15. Put and keep your trust in God, be benevolent, avoid grudges, malice and unforgiveness; you hurt yourself more than the person you grudge.
  16. Be health conscious, don’t just put anything in your mouth just for its sweet taste; and you will begin to testify of health soonest.

May I advise you to stay with us in Gilgal Health Initiative Website as we have a lot to share with you every month?

We have our Gilgal Health Club Meetings once every month where many health conscious people from all walks of life gather to share and learn how to keep sickness away from their bodies. If there is none around you and you want to be part of us, you can fill our membership form online. Also, we can establish one around you where you too can be part of this Health Movement and help to pronounce to people around you that.


May God help you to be the doer of what you have just read today! 

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