About Us | Historical Background

This initiative was birthed from an unforgettable experience the founder lived through in 2001/2002. From the diagnosis of her ailment to the struggles for hope and faith to the ultimate healing of the founder without the aid of drugs, she knew she had a story to tell the world. Whilst she was preparing for death, she encountered Dr. Lorraine Day from California, USA through her DVD, who had successfully been healed of the same ailment she had without the use of drugs or surgery.

From her DVD, Hallelujah Acres was introduced and subsequently, she knew about Hallelujah Diet which she religiously followed till her health was restored, backed up by God’s infinite power of healing in 2002.

People heard of her miraculous healing and began to come from far and near to inquire about how she got healed and also seek advice on proper diet and lifestyle. Not long after, she began to get invitations to talk in Churches, Fellowships, Seminars and so much more.

It was through this that she realized that there was a need to be met in the Diet and Lifestyle world in Nigeria. Thus, she created this initiative Gilgal Health Initiative solely dedicated to preaching the lifestyle of healthy eating and lifestyle, dietary planning, health awareness and disease prevention strategies solely based on Natural foods.

The name &sq;Gilgal&sq; which means a place where reproach has been taken away (Joshua 5:9) was given to the founder during a family devotion with other believers in a prayer meeting during her sojourn in UK while she struggled with the ailment..

She is presently a Health Minister with the Hallelujah Acres Inc, a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP), a Health Educator with Living Food Institute (LFI), Atlanta Georgia and a student of Naturopathy Doctor (ND) with the Trinity College, Warsaw, USA.